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01  各类母线框(夹)
02  各类母线框(夹)
03  眉头、绝缘支座、电缆夹板…
04  拉手 侧控板 通风栅
05  各类绝缘子、绝缘件
06  接线盒、照明灯、电缆夹、…
07  标字框、仪表框、观察框、…
08  一次、二次接插件
09  东牌系列母线夹(新型)
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About us

Yueqing Haitan Electrical Complete Parts Co.,Ltd. Specializing in low voltage complete sets of accessories production, development, sales and service enterprise, is the most complete professional manufacturer in the domestic varieties, praised by all sets of users, a famous best-sellingbrand.

Strengthen the quality of international management is to improve the former condition of the product market share, we continue to systems, and standardization of quality management system as a strong backing, the strength of enterprises to a higher goal. Thus, we strictly implement the ISO9001 international quality management system, to strengthen the enterprise's comprehensive strength, but also played a pivotal role in the plastic stand unified corporate image.

Cohesion of professionalism, reflecting the quality of content!

We adhere to the "harmony, Qian school, pragmatic, innovative" corporate mission to change the habits of all suited to the business concept and behavior of the market trends, to further stimulate the team's passion and vitality of the organization, give full play to our ability to innovate, constantly better ourselves, creating a booming source of power to quickly enhance their overall competitiveness.

We believe that: "cooperative development and improvement" on the basis of all of us a giant wind will be full of enthusiasm, innovative thinking and practical work practices, solidarity, courageously fighting will be able to achieve the intended economic arenagoals, and common development with all partners.

We hope: and common development, to improve collaboration and provide more opportunities for sustainable development for the community;

The operating principle: high quality, low prices, excellent service; and assure you: to provide quality products, competitive price, timely delivery, perfect service.

Sincerely hope that with the new and old customers hand in hand, and common commitment to the development of the country's electricity industry.

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